The „ROYAL RAJASTHAN – “Classic Motoring Challenge“

 is a very unique International Classic Car event, a rally for classic & vintage cars alike. Forging a togetherness of enjoying and absorbing one of India’s most exotic beautiful states.      Delivering a most comprehensive and memorable impression of Rajasthan with it’s
many changes of scenery, from desert roads to splendid Palaces, Culture and colourful History, covering a distance close to 2.200 km (1,375 mls)
    India! The land of Maharajas and Kings! On our journey we will encounter, vibrant cities and vast open plains. Staying in historic Palaces, amazing Colonial hotels and sleeping under the stars in luxury tents. Plunging into the mystical & magical world of Indian gods and goddesses. Meeting members of Royal families, Maharaja’s, Princes
& Princesses.
    Indulging in traditional foods and Masala Chai from the street-side stalls as well as special gala dinners held within spectacular surroundings. Enjoying urban culture, rural villages and fantastic traditional events, such as the “Holi Festivals of Colors“ sharing and even taking part with locals in, “Play Holi“ throwing coloured powder at each other (“Gulal“), not forgetting elephants, camels, Holy cows and much more!
Forming an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience, in the enjoyment of your own classic car!
Unfortunately, the number of participating teams is limited to 15 cars, (2 persons)
(mixed couples are preferred)
   The main focus of “Royal Rajasthan Rally“ is on Togetherness and Camaraderie and not about distance, even when at first glance 2.200 km/1,375 mls seems to be long. For this reason we have split our rally up into 8 relaxing stages with an average of 170 km/105 mls per day, and without the use of Tripmasters or stop-watches.
  This will allow us enough time for sightseeing, learning about India’s history and culture as well as just sitting down to watch the very special sunsets.
The “ROYAL RAJASTHAN – Classic Motoring Challenge“, guaranteed to be a very exclusive event.
  “A journey together where not only do we discover, learn, enjoy but also at the end of the road, we are sure that you’ll have found new friends!“.
“A Lifetime experience, an experience that money simply can’t buy!“